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29 Apr - 2021

Designed to children aged between 3 and 5, the new video game of the famous animated character provides a didactic experience to enjoy as a family.

“Pocoyó Party”, the new videogame starring Pocoyó for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, is already available in physical format at the usual points of sale and in digital format to download through the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. It’s the brand’s first videogame for PlayStation, and it’s marketed both in the European market and throughout the American continent. 

“Pocoyó Party” has been entirely designed in Spain by its producer, Zinkia, in collaboration with the Spanish studio Recotechnology. This amazing adventure recreates the endearing ‘’Pocoyó World’’, in which a universe full of colour and emotions is transmitted, as well as important universal values ​​such as respect, friendship, sustainability or healthy habits from childhood. 

With Pocoyó Party we get back to the experience of family gaming, adapting the mechanics of the videogame to the abilities of the youngest children so that they can enjoy short and fun games in the company of their parents and siblings in a safe environment, just as in the episodes of Pocoyó ” states Victor M. López, CEO of the company

‘’Pocoyó Party” has counted on the advice of professionals specialized in the development of videogames and the creation of content for children. In order to facilitate the game and adapt the title to children between 3 and 5 years old, the development team has reduced to the minimum the use of buttons, enhancing the physical movement of the controller to overcome different tests during the game. And, looking for greater simplicity, the game stakes for short and dynamic games and sessions to adapt to the minors’ needs. 

It’s also a fun and educational experience that allows enjoying with the family, as it incorporates the multiplayer format, and encourages controlled play. By doing so, children can share with their parents and siblings their love for videogames, moving away from the individual environments provided by other devices.

And for even more fun and enjoyment, “Pocoyó Party” additionally includes 8 new episodes of the fourth season of the series, in which laughter, playing and the educational spirit are, once again, granted with Pocoyó and his friends Nina, Elly, Pato, Loula, Pajaroto, Roberto and Pulpo. The video game in physical format does also include a “Pocoyó” figure, which will delight the little ones. 

A supportive and sustainable videogame

Besides the fact of introducing children to the gamer mode, “Pocoyó Party” is a solidary and sustainable videogame, since part of its profits will be used to back the reforestation project “Bosque Pocoyó“, in the island of Gran Canaria. This initiative, aimed at fighting climate change and leaving a green legacy for future generations, bets for the recovery of the island’s forest mass, after the devastating fire endured in 2019 which devastated 10,000 hectares of land. 

All citizens and entities wanting to join the project can also do so through www.Pocoyó.com/bosque.

With its 16 years of experience, Pocoyó has become a Spanish label brand that is present in 150 countries with a huge success. Furthermore, it is available in more than 40 VOD platforms, including YouTube, Netflix, HBO or Amazon, and holds 38 awards, including the Crystal of Annecy and the BAFTA award, given by the British Academy, both in the category of the Best Animated Series.

Enjoy here the Trailer of Pocoyó Party

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