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22 Apr - 2021

RHS & Biscuiteers collection launched by renowned British hand-iced biscuit company

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has licensed Biscuiteers, the original hand-iced biscuit company, to produce the RHS & Biscuiteers collection: two extra-special biscuit tins, a wonderful letterbox gift box and two delightful Jolly Gingers (gingerbread) all containing Biscuiteers’ famous hand-iced biscuits and all inspired by the love of gardens and gardening.

Now on sale online at www.biscuiteers.com, and Biscuiteers’ Boutique shops in Battersea & Notting Hill and soon available at leading retailers including the RHS Garden Wisley Garden Centre, the collection is specially designed to conjure up the joys of British gardens in the spring and summer.

The Bouquet Luxe biscuit tin brings together a selection of colourful biscuit ‘blooms’ – spring flowers using a bright colour palette. A number of very skilful icing techniques have been used to capture the delicate textures of the petals of the different flowers including roses and pansies. Biscuiteers’ unique recipe is based upon a traditional twice baked English style biscuits, its texture is somewhere between the snap of a gingerbread and the crumble of a shortbread. The 16 designs in the Bouquet Luxe tin are a subtle lemon flavour, which gives fresh citrus notes to balance the sweetness of the biscuit. 

The RHS Veg Box biscuit tin contains colourful biscuits all using Biscuiteers’ famous hand-icing techniques to look like carrots, tomatoes, aubergines and other popular vegetables. Perfect for lovers of grow-your-own veg, the nine biscuit designs come in Biscuiteers’ classic gingerbread flavour, which uses a delicious mix of spices to give a subtle fragrant yet sweet flavour. 

The Biscuiteers Garden Tools letterbox collection of chocolate biscuits, using a lilac and rose design inspired by the branding for this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, is the perfect shape to fit through a letterbox. As are the two RHS Jolly Gingers, new additions to the popular Biscuiteers line of gingerbread characters depicting happy gardeners. Both are special, playful and tasty treats for the gardener, or budding gardener, in your life.

And the tins are special too. For the keepsake tins Biscuiteers has created a beautiful co-branded design, bringing together Biscuiteers’ famous illustrations with beautifully detailed botanical illustrations from the RHS Lindley Collections, the world’s finest collection of botanical art. RHS branding is featured on the tin decals. 

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