22 Apr - 2021

Turkish powerhouse Fauna Entertainment launches its brand-new show Brody Luckystar; The Record Breaker with book first strategy.

Brody is the story of a young girl and her attempts in breaking a world record, whilst being a part of an already accomplished yet dysfunctional family.

Brody is the only member of the Luckystar family without any records, but that does not stop her from spending endless hours searching and trying new things, one could say she’s always on the look for a record she can possibly break. She is a ball of energy who rallies through even if odds are stacked against her! 

Fauna Entertainment launched Brody Luckystar’s first book “What is Brody Luckystar’s Record?” in Turkey with the publisher Eksik Parça in April 2021. Receiving a great appeal from young readers, Fauna is already working on the second book.

Following its first book strategy, Fauna is planning to bring Brody Luckystar’s story into life with a 2D, 52 x 11’animated show aimed at 8-12 years old. Having scripts and an animatic trailer alongside the book, Fauna is currently looking for co-production partners. 

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