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20 Apr - 2021

Set in Ancient Egypt, the new animated series Nefertine on the Nile arrives, starring an 8-year-old girl with inexhaustible curiosity and great courage. 

Starting from April 17th the first 26 episodes of the series in boxset will be premiered on RaiPlay and from 10 May on first TV on Rai Yoyo, from Monday to Friday at 8:15 and every day at 15:05.

52 11-minute episodes produced by the Roman company Graphilm by Maurizio Forestieri in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, to combine fun, adventure and some taste of historical information.

A journey full of discoveries and fun, where the courageous Nefertine and her friends accompany the children to discover Ancient Egypt. Joyful stories founded on solid values ​​like the stones of the pyramids: friendship, loyalty, a sense of justice and a desire to learn.

The series tells the exciting adventures of Nefertine, daughter of the Pharaoh’s scribe, gifted with a unique ability for the time: she can read and write! This is why she aspires to become the first scribe-reporter in the history of Egypt. To exercise this talent, Nefertine records all her events in her papyrus diary. But it is not easy to be a budding journalist in Ancient Egypt! Nefertine, always a bit reckless, has a particular talent for getting into trouble. Fortunately, her trusted friend Piramses is always ready to lend a hand. The two friends, accompanied by the cat Micerina, between investigations, small fears and great discoveries, live many fantastic adventures in the shadow of the Pyramids, including mysterious mummies and investigations from the Sphinx.

Nefertine is a Graphilm Entertainment production with Wahoo! (Belgium) and Cyber ​​Group Studios (France) in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Lazio Region Attraction Cinematographic Productions (POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020) and Creative Europe. An international co-production distributed worldwide by Cyber ​​Group Studios.

ETS is developing an ambitious licensing program, which began with the agreement with DeA Planeta Libri, providing for the launch a series of books and activity books under De Agostini brand, in bookstores starting from September  and continuing during the 2022.


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