14 Apr - 2021

In such an important year for sport, Barbie continues in her mission to inspire the infinite potential that there is in every child and proposes to Italian girls another great female model: Milena Baldassarri

Barbie has announced Milena Baldassari as the second Role Model Barbie of the Year for Italy by unveiling an OOAK (One Of A Kind) doll with her appearance.

In the Italian sports system only 28% of athletes are women, the same situation that is repeated for the managers of sports clubs, female technicians, federal managers, race officials. This year, Barbie pays particular attention to the world of sport, within which she wanted to find the second role model of this 2021, to ensure that girls also have famous reference points and from which to take inspiration to realize their dreams, not only if they want to become athletes, but also for the tenacity and passion that the world of sport is able to transmit to the new generations.

Born in Ravenna in 2001, Milena Baldassarri, despite her young age, has been at the top of Rhythmic Gymnastics for several years. Italian champion, she already boasts several victories and places in World Cup, European and international events, both in individual and team races. 

Barbie celebrates Milena Baldassarri for her tenacity and perseverance in pursuing her dream as a child. She has become a professional athlete thanks to her dedication, her continuous search for perfection, the infinite passion and the strength she has always shown by training hours and hours but always with a smile on her lips. 

On the occasion of the launch of the new Role Model, Barbie created a video to celebrate the 360-degree sportand the athletes who inspire the new generations with dedication, talent and determination, to pursue their dreams.

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