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7 Apr - 2021

The Insights Family®, formerly The Insights People™, unveils the new portal, which includes a suite of new innovative features.

The Insights Family® have launched the latest version of their award-winning insights platform – “Portal 4.0”. The latest iteration includes 11 new features, enabling brands to view, filter, interrogate, and analyse the extensive data at their fingertips. 

The revolutionary new tool includes ‘Personal Perspectives’, which has been developed by its in-house team of data scientists and developers in collaboration with academics, utilising cutting edge Machine Learning. The ‘clustering’ tool will unlock previously unseen insights into a brand’s audience and fanbase. 

Portal 4.0 also launches with Trend Tracker, Country Context Tool, new data dashboards, and the ability to track API data from third party sources such as YouTube and TikTok.

Clearer and more user-friendly, the platform includes the On-Track reports written by the team of expert researchers at The Insights Family®, plus the new ground-breaking tool the Media Mix Compass™ – a new media planning tool which gives a 360° view of kids’ media consumption.

Nick Richardson, Founder & CEO, comments “It is my belief that research, and data is now a critical part of all of our jobs. If you work in advertising, content, licensing, marketing, product development, or sales it is an essential tool to provide understanding, test our convictions, and ultimately measure our results.”

However, there are still large amounts of market research and data which are not accessible, and worse than that – quite intimidating. And whilst we can call default to doing a bit of desk research or talking to our own kids, if we are honest with ourselves – that doesn’t really stack up. That is why we have set it to be our mission to become the world’s top brands business-critical partner.

Simon White, the new chairman at The Insights Family® comments,

As the world moves on from the challenges of living through a pandemic, the right insights will enable businesses to act faster, with greater certainty and a reduced cost. There has never been a better time to be in this sector, with The Insights Family®

Further, leading the way in which insight is filtered, presented, and disseminated through organisations will prove to be a unique and long-term competitive advantage. What the team has created at The Insights Family® is peerless, and where it can be taken over the medium and long-term is an exciting plan to be a part of.

To get freemium access to the award-winning real-time portal, please visit: https://try.theinsightsfamily.com/freemium/ 

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