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26 Feb - 2021

Tags from the story: BIANCA, Costadoro, Kostrate Edge, Pea&Promoplast.

Costadoro SpA, an Italian coffee excellence, has recently received the Barawards 2020 Innovation of the Year Award, for BIANCA, the brand-new coffee in grains dome container that guarantees a better preservation of the product, and studied to favor the use of Ok Compost certified packaging. Pea & Promoplast is behind this successful case history

BIANCA is a 100% Made in Italy project that required an initial massive investment for its study, printing and first production phases, estimated around 100.000 euro. Its production has been possible also thanks to the cooperation between Costadoro and Pea&Promoplast.

It has been an important challenge for P&P, that invests constantly on research and development, in materials and production flows, in order to safeguard the environment as well as ensuring an optimal response to the customers’ needs and international safety standards. For this reason, the response to Costadoro’s requests was immediate and winning.

BIANCA has been created with the innovative Kostrate® Edge technique, that combines functionality with several advantages, such as: an easy way to use it; a total barrier to light; an extremely facilitated cleaning system; and the chance to identify every small trace of dirt thanks to its color, in full compliance with the high TUV certified safety standards. Kostrate® is in fact one of the best materials currently available to preserve food, BPA free, dishwasher safe and resistant to any impact.

Bianca is also the result of an innovative production process also from an economic point of view. In fact, the production process is energy saving thanks to a lower transformation temperature of the molding cycles and a consequent reduction of energy consumption and costs up to 30% compared to other similar materials, and the absence of waste.

Currently P&P has produced about 2500 BIANCA pieces, and Costadoro expects to double the production in the upcoming months.

For P&P this is a new big step towards eco-sustainability, already begun with the production of promotional items entirely made of recycled plastic materials for customers as Oreal and Unilever. This trend reached its peak in 2020 with the launch of 0- out on the INDIEGOGO platform, the tap water filter designed to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and waste of water.

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