23 Feb - 2021

San Francisco based Firefly Brand Management has secured a strategic partnership between, global animation studio, Toonz Media Group and Dreamdust  Studios to create and develop a new pre-school series based on the colorful illustrations of Dreamdust Studios’ Daisy Dew Drop and the Rainbow Garden

Daisy Dew Drop and the Rainbow Garden is created by Chris Antoine and Bob Prado. The deal was brokered by Firefly on behalf of client Dreamdust Studios.

The new CGI animated series will bring life to Daisy Dew Drop and her garden friends as they go on endless adventures in the mesmerizingly beautiful Rainbow Garden. The series entertains while also providing valuable lessons to the young audience on environment, friendships and team-work. 

Daisy Dew Drop illustrations embody colorful, fun and charming beautiful characters,” noted Cynthia Modders, CEO of Firefly Brand Management.  “We are so excited to partner with Toonz, a leader in production and development, and look anxiously forward to working with their wonderful team on bringing the magic of Chris Antoine and Bob Prado’s wonderful and fanciful characters to the screen.

Toonz is excited to work on this new series which is visually rich and has a very engaging plot. Recreating the magical Rainbow Garden and its adorable inhabitants is going to be an interesting challenge. We are sure that kids around the world will enjoy this beautifully crafted series” said P. Jayakumar, CEO – Toonz Media Group.

Daisy Dew Drop and The Rainbow Garden features Daisy Dew Drop, a colorful flower girl who lives in the Rainbow Garden. Rainbow Garden is inhabited by many interesting, multicultural, and diverse characters. Daisy wears a heart locket filled with enchanted pollen dust that helps her keep the garden blooming. She is surrounded by garden friends such as her fellow flower girls Honey Marigold, Lily Stargazer, Katy Periwinkle, and Belinda Buttercup; rambunctious Dandy Lion, mischievous Oliver Naughty Node, and Grandflower Cosmo, just to name a few. The Rainbow Garden Girls are a bouquet of adorable and diverse flower friends with special talents and personalities.  Like all little girls, they love singing, dancing, sweet treats, parties, parades, and playtime. The Rainbow Garden has a secret portal that Daisy and her garden friends pass through into other character-filled gardens across the planet that expands the story possibilities.

We are thrilled to partner with Toonz in this exciting endeavor to bring Daisy and her whimsical garden to life,” said Chris Antoine, CEO, Partner – Dreamdust Studios.  “We can’t wait to begin the journey with their amazing and talented team in telling Daisy’s stories about friendship, inclusion, nature, and magic, for children the world over.” 

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