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1 Feb - 2021

Acquires distribution rights to new Irish animation series that aims to teach young kids about online safety and empathy.

WildBrain, a global leader in kids’ and family entertainment, has acquired worldwide distribution to Alva’s World (52×11’), outside the UK, Ireland and Finland. Produced by award-winning Irish animation studio Kavaleer Productions, Alva’s World is a fun, irreverent and forward-thinking 2D animated show for kids from upper pre-school to early elementary, which aims to create a new canon of fables for the digital age, placing internet safety at the heart of its inventive and whimsical storytelling.

At a time when many kids are online more than ever before, Alva’s World explores themes that have been developed in conjunction with CyberSafeIreland and Crandall Consulting in the format of magical tales to teach kids about appropriate behaviour online, including interaction, as well as preparing them for common childhood problems they may encounter through social media. Recent research by CyberSafeIreland shows that even by age eight, almost 50% of kids have some form of internet accessible device and 45% are already using some form of social media.

Alva’s World is commissioned by RTÉjr (Ireland) and Sky Kids (UK) and produced in association with Fís Éireann / Screen Ireland, The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and B.C.P Asset Management with development funding from Creative Europe / MEDIA. The series is set in Gizmo, an allegorical world of the internet with all its wonders and dangers and features the eponymous 8-year-old heroine pitted against the plots of the Trolls – three duplicitous dunderheads.

Caroline Tyre, VP Global Sales & Rights Strategy at WildBrain, said: “Alva’s World is an important and timely series that conjures up fun and fantastical adventures, with the subtext of helping kids to navigate the online world. It’s also packed full of captivating characters that inspire kids to prioritize kindness, fairness and creativity in all their interactions – both online and off. We’re delighted to be partnering with Kavaleer to bring this innovative new series to the global market.”

Andrew Kavanaugh, show creator and CEO of Kavaleer, said: “Alva’s World is the first television series focused on providing digital water-wings for children. The series tackles a number of key areas, from cyber-bullying and online gaming to identity theft and current issues around COVID tracking and home learning. The characters and storylines have been developed to equip kids with the online wellbeing tools they need via safe, non-threatening entertainment. We feel it’s an important show and embodies the Kavaleer ethos of supporting young hearts and minds to thrive.”

When Alva isn’t hanging out with her digitally connected family in real life, she loves to visit the magical land of Gizmo, which is full of incredible creatures and places, and where anything is possible. You can sled up mountains, fly an umbrella up into the clouds, invent your own toy-growing trees and talk with friendly, furry beasts as big as houses! Most of all, though, Alva loves visiting her friends the Oolies, the cute, elven race who live in Gizmo. Together, Alva and the Oolies have oodles of fun, but also solve problems and overcome obstacles – every trip to Gizmo is a new adventure!

But no place is without its problems – and in Gizmo, those problems are usually started by the Trolls. They delight in stirring up trouble amongst all the different communities in Gizmo, and it’s up to Alva to save the day!

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