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21 Jan - 2021

Important alliance between BIC Licensing and Wildbrain CPLG for an international and strategic management of the brand that has fascinated generations of fans for 70 years.

Starting from the new year, Wildbrain CPLG and Bic Licensing will join their efforts to a licensing program as varied and internationalized as possible to the most famous beagle in the world

Created by Charles M. Schulz, the Peanuts comic strip featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang will in fact be licensed for the Italian territory by the Italian branch of Wildbrain CPLG.

Claudio Massari, owner and administrator of BIC Licensing, has been the agent for Peanuts Worldwide in Italy for 30 years and boasts a personal friendship with the Schulz family. Claudio will continue to maintain a strategic role in the future of Peanuts as Senior Advisor for Wildbrain CLPG.

Maria Giovanna Gurrieri, Managing Director of Wildbrain CPLG in Italy comments on the operation as follows: “We are very happy and at the same time proud to be able to contribute to the development of such an important brand as Peanuts. We join the other WB CPLG offices in its management and we hope to contribute to its success and its internationalization thanks also to the precious advice of Claudio.

Claudio Massari comments on this collaboration as follows: “Mine with the Peanuts is a never-ending story. I remember Charles Schulz (for me it will always be Sparky) who one day told me: “I have always liked tomorrow: Whatever the day goes, there is always a tomorrow.” The future of Peanuts in Italy pass through this strategic collaboration between BIC Licensing and Wildbrain CPLG. I will continue to collaborate with the usual enthusiasm with Maria Giovanna and her team. I’m sure this alliance will lead to new successes for Peanuts.

Peanuts, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2020, boasts over ten-year collaborations with the Gerani family, “Iceberg”, Benetton, Shoesy, Panini, Mauri Spagnol Group, Baldini & Castoldi, Imap and many others. Among the latest we remember the NGG group with the “Alanui” brand, CALZEDONIA (Tezenis) Group, Vintage 55, SCOUT, MC2 Saint Barth. Produced by WildBrain, Snoopy in Space, a new animated series following Snoopy’s adventures as he becomes an astronaut, debuted in 2019 on AppleTV +. Also on Apple TV+, a brand new series titled The Snoopy Show will premiere this February.

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