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21 Jan - 2021

Super Pop Kids, the official magazine of Bomber and The Bnechwarmers, out now in Italian newsstands

Officina Letteraria will publish SUPER POP KIDS, the official magazine of BOMBER AND THE BENCHWARMERS, featuring the adventures of the team of footballers created by Philip Osbourne.

Distribution, which has begun on 20 January 2021, has been entrusted to SODIP and will cover all Italian newsstands and many key locations in the large-scale retail sector.

Edited by PLUME STUDIO, the magazine will be the first in a series of Philip Osbourne brands, which will be adapted by the same company for the Italian and global newsstand market.

The TV rights of the book have been acquired by SYDONIA PRODUCTION, which has already begun its development.

BOMBER AND THE BENCHWARMERS is a successful book series distributed in many countries (in Italy first printed by Edicart and then reprinted by Zona Franca), written, and created by Philip Osbourne, the author of the international bestseller Diary of a Nerd, published in 39 countries.

The new trilogy of the BOMBER AND THE BENCHWARMERS book series will be published in March-April in Italy and later in Albania, France, Canada, Turkey among the others.

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