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4 Jan - 2021

Tiki Tonga announced as the official global licensee for Guinness 232 Coffee

After its incredible success during the Rugby World Cup, the speciality coffee roasters, Tiki Tonga, are delighted to announce the comeback of ‘Guinness 232 Coffee’, The Ultimate Social Brew. Tiki Tonga have announced that they will be the official coffee roaster and partner of Guinness 232 Coffee, a partnership brokered by Beanstalk, Diageo’s global brand extension licensing agency.

An infusion of life’s greatest passions, Guinness 232 Coffee is smooth and balanced in body, with a malty sweetness and rich mouthfeel that lingers long on the palette. The smooth rich coffee blend pairs beautifully with any of your favourite coffee drinks from filtered to espresso.

Guinness has been brewed with the same quality process since the 18th century using roasted barley to give the beer its famous dark ruby colour and rich aroma. During the roasting of this unique and distinctive Guinness coffee blend, special adjustments have been made to the coffee roast profile, briefly increasing the temperature to 232ºC, which is the exact same temperature at which the barley is roasted during the Guinness brewing process. This temperature adjustment unlocks the smooth, creamy, dark malty flavours of Guinness in the coffee, making this blend as distinctive as the original. It’s a blend inspired by tradition, with a mutual passion for sport and bringing people together. Guinness 232 coffee contains no alcohol. Now available in beans, ground and NEW capsule formats online: Tiki Tonga Guinness 232 Coffee

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