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26 Nov - 2020

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Now available on Amazon a new version of the game, that design lovers cannot miss: UNO Minimalista!

UNO is without doubt the most famous card game in the world, able to entertain and amuse children and adults alike. The +4 card is now a worldwide icon that has created funny disagreements in companies, but also a lot of laughter. Over the years, the rules have not changed, but the most famous pack of cards in the world has taken on different forms: from the UNO H20 version, with plastic-coated cards to play on the beach, to the two-sided version of UNO Flip and the more magical version dedicated to Harry Potter.

Now available on Amazon a new version of the game that design lovers will not miss: UNO Minimalista!

The story of this new version of the game is incredible: on January 6, 2020 on Behance, a blog dedicated to design, Warleson Oliveira published his interpretation of the UNO card deck, UNO Minimalista, with a particularly captivating minimalist design. The images of UNO Minimalista bounce off the social media so much that an online petition starts up with 55k signatures. The lens? Ask Mattel to produce this uniquely designed deck. Mattel which always pays attention to the needs of its players announces on February 22nd 2020 the decision to really produce this edition of the card game and thus satisfy its fans.

It is not the rules that change, but the form: the graphics of UNO Minimalista, just as the name suggests, is reduced to the essential, for a version of the game that lovers of design and the essential will undoubtedly want to find under the tree at Christmas.

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