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19 Nov - 2020

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Super!, Nickelodeon and NickJr give a weekend with a special entertainment program for the whole family

ViacomCBS Networks is one of the leading global entertainment media companies. In the target “kids&family” is one of the most important brands thanks to the production of content, dedicated TV channels and entertainment developed both online and on social media. All products have the same common denominator, namely “Kids First”, children are in fact at the center of the experience with their desire to have fun, smile, learn and play.

In Italy, thanks to the strength of its brands – Super!, Nickelodeon and NickJr – ViacomCBS Networks is on the front line every year to support the International Day of Children’s Rights promoted by the UN next November 20. ViacomCBS does not forget its primary vocation, to create quality content that can entertain and teach children the inalienable values and, this year too, will not fail its commitment by proposing a day with many activities that can be carried out in their homes involving the whole family. The activities have been carefully studied also in the light of the latest international research carried out by Media Company.

The goal of the day will be to find time to be together with their children, watching their favorite animated series, playing together and taking inspiration from the same stories to create new adventures outside the small screen. Children have a very positive relationship with TV. Television remains, in fact, globally the anti-stress par excellence for 1 child out of 2 and at the same time it feeds passions that live more and more outside the screen.

Today’s parents, both mom and dad, are both very involved in their children’s lives, constantly searching for the right tools to help them grow up in a complex world. They want to accompany them during their daily activities such as: education, hobbies, sports and outdoor activities, watching TV with their family and spending time together in search of happiness.

Among the values that parents try to transmit to their children are respect and self-confidence. They are aware that they are raising a new generation that is more environmentally conscious, more projected towards a more inclusive society. Parents also seek to improve themselves, finding more time to spend with their children because it is the first source of happiness. Today there is a more open relationship between parent and child.

What emerges from the research is an important result: families have never been so close and united, they love to play, spend time together and learn through fun.

TV is the safe place where children can always find all their favorite characters and for this important weekend dedicated to them, Super!, Nickelodeon and NickJr, I propose a special programming suitable for the whole family and contests to involve them directly.

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