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19 Nov - 2020

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The partnership between Educational Srl and Boing Spa sees Simon’s publishing plan debut in January 2021 in Italy.

The partnership between Educational Srl and Boing Spa – publisher of the free-to-air channels Boing, Boing Plus, and Cartoonito – sees Simon‘s debut in January 2021 in the Publishing category with the release of a series of gamebooks.

The add values of Simon, a tv preschool property born in the publishing world, realize an excellent marriage with those of Educational Group, a company that places the concept of play & learn as the founding value of its products.

The publishing plan foresees an immediate release of two titles for the gamebook category which will be followed by new releases along next year.

The titles to be released in January are focused on basic learning for very young children, with the related concepts of quantity, and the first colors. Each book will be accompanied by a logical memo, which will allow children to continue the playful learning activity.

These first titles will be followed by other gamebooks that will see Simon protagonist of funny adventures together with his little brother Gaspare.

Last October 22nd, Boing Spa, together with GO-N PRODUCTIONS and KIDZ GLOBAL also organized a webinar to talk about the potential of this property in preschool licensing.

During the webinar, the global success of Simon was presented to over 60 participants: it is currently one of the top properties of Cartoonito, with 2.5mio of contacts reached among the kids target 4-14 and 7.7mio of individuals.

The show is also the third most-watched content on the Cartoonito App in Italy, safe and much loved by children and their families.

The main data that emerged from the research commissioned by Kidz Global on the property has been finally unveiled: since April 2020, in Italy, Simon has entered the ranking of the top 30 most popular brands, as it shows the speed of responsiveness and appreciation by children towards this brand.

At the top of the purchase intentions of boys and girls 3-6 years old, there are the categories of clothing, toys&games, plush and of course, publishing.

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