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28 Oct - 2020

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Featuring new adventures both in and outside of the critical role-created world of Exandria

Critical Role embarks on its latest adventure by officially launching its new tabletop game publishing company, Darrington Press, further establishing Critical Role’s dedication to the wonder and positivity that comes from storytelling. Darrington Press will feature games in and outside of Exandria, the world created by Darrington Press Creative Advisor, Critical Role’s Chief Creative Officer and Game Master, Matthew Mercer.

Leading this new business venture is the the Head of Darrington Press, Ivan Van Norman, who has been producing tabletop games and media content for over 10 years as a co-owner of Hunters Entertainment (Alice is Missing, Altered Carbon, Outbreak: Undead), as well as consultant to many other companies, including Wizards of the Coast and Hersch Games (Taboo). Van Norman has danced the line between media and design, working as a producer of board and RPG content for several digital media projects as well as a game producer on Will Wheaton’s “TableTop.” In addition, he served as executive producer of International Tabletop Day.

Darrington Press currently has four games set to be released in 2021, with their very first game, Uk’otoa, set for a Q1 2021 release date. This tactical game of semi-cooperative card play will be available in the Critical Role online shops in the US, UK, and AU, as well as hobby stores in the US with an MSRP starting at $29.99.

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