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22 Oct - 2020

Tags from the story: Jessica Gasperoni, Unicorn Dolls.

Jessica Gasperoni is not only the soul of IGT, a well-known company specialized in promotions and pocket money toys, but also the creator of a new IP for girls, UNICORN DOLLS. LM interviewed her to find out how the idea was born.

IGT is a company in constant evolution. What have been the latest developments?
The last months were not easy at all. Everyone has searched for a solution to this moment of impasse and it is precisely in these occasions that we can reinvent ourselves to find
new, alternative ways to develop our business and our lives. Because of this input, IGT will continue on the path of developing its own IPs, as well as new ones.

From your various businesses, you have developed IPs that have traveled around the world, such as Puppy Club Friends and the Unicorn Dolls. What is thei overall performance?
Both brands have had worldwide success and are very strong. They have fully captured the interest of the pre-school target, because the deal with preschoolers interests. Before being overwhelmed by videogames and youtubers, children are free to focus all their attention on toys, with a strong attraction for animals and their world… and the Puppy Club Friends can accompany them in their adventures. With their colorful design and the magical world they live in, Unicorn Dolls capture the interests of preschoolers, which are our main target. Each character has its own personality and unique design and this is the key to make a little girl fall in love with them.

Right now Unicorn Dolls are at the center of important developments. Could you share any details?
Unicorn Dolls, famous all over the world, have now also conquered the hearts of chinese girls, their appeal is global. For this reason we have decided to entrust the management of this important IP in Europe to a leading licensing agency Wildbrain CPLG. The rest is still top secret!

Unicorn is very personal to you, more so than any other project. Can you tell us about your special link with this property?
It goes without saying that what makes Unicorn Dolls so special is the particular bond that unites us. Their idea and creation was born from my personal life: friends and my husband used to call me “unicorn girl”, because I was always immersed in the world of toys, creativity and children. They always told me “you live in a unicorn world!”, almost like making fun of me because I was always positive. So, I created that world, with talented unicorn girls, united with one another, always ready to act as a team and with the strong bond of friendship. These are values which I personally believe in and which I rely on in my everyday life. The Unicorn Dolls represent me in every way!

What are IGT’s other upcoming projects?
IGT is focusing on the development and creation of new IPs, innovative content, web series, toys and collectibles combined with our brands, in different categories and channels, without gender restrictions. In addition to the growth in our area, we aim for business differentiation which is the key to grow as a business in a very difficult moment like this.

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