21 Oct - 2020

This is the first edition and the intention is to celebrate toy manufacturers from all over Europe who are fully committed to affrontare important themes for society. Among the Assogiocattoli members awarded Chicco Artsana, Clementoni, Geomag, Hasbro and Mattel.

Toy Industries of Europe (TIE), the organisation representing toy and toy companies and trade associations across Europe, including Assogiocattoli, recently announced the winners of the  Play For Change Awards 2020. The awards go to initiatives and toys that help children navigate the world around them and in ways that show respect for themselves, others and the planet. Starting from a substantial proximity to innovation, three different categories: inclusion, environmental sustainability and future skills.

Despite the moment particularly difficile, many companies have joined the initiative,

allowing the TIE to collect a considerable number of applications from a wide range of brands. Each category had a dedicated and independent jury representing different areas of judgement: specialists in disability rights, sustainability, education and gaming or experts from the European Toy Industry.

As a first edition, the results are very positive, as confirmed by Catherine Van Reeth, General Manager of TIE: “We want the Play For Change Awards to become an annual event that brings further innovation and change to our industry. When the initiative is more widely known and consolidated, the goal is that the Play for Change Award will become something to aspire to: a recognizable sign of success in the creation of Play4oli for a better world“.

For the inclusion category, recognition related to activities and toys that break the boundaries based on obsolete “norms” of social status, ability, gender, race or religion, Mattel has won both the Gold Award for the Barbie Empowerment project and the Bronze Award for Creatable World. Twin Science and Robotics was awarded the Silver Award for the Twin Science Kit for the Visually Impaired. In the environmental sustainability category, whose criterion was related to initiatives or toys that educate to sustainability or adopt environmentally sustainable practices, the Gold Award went to Hasbro for its Recycling Project. The winner of the Silver Award was Dantoy for BIO toys, while the Bronze Award has two winners: Clementoni with the Sequence Puzzle and Allingham with Games for The Good Life. Finally, the category aimed at children, with the aim of recognizing an initiative or a product that prepares children for the world of tomorrow: Learning Resources with Artie 3000TM wins the Gold Award, follows Chicco Artsana with the Silver Award for Adventure Airlines and closes Geomag with the Bronze Award for Pro-L Skyline New York.

More information about the Play For Change Awards, photos and description of the winning products included, just click HERE.

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