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12 Oct - 2020

Tags from the story: Niki, Vlad, WildBrain CPLG.

Vlad&Niki, the Russian Youtube stars become part of the WildBrain Cplg portfolio!

For the nicest and most famous Russian brothers on YouTube it is easy to get record numbers!

Vlad and Niki are 7 and 5 years old and live in New York. From their house, they can broadcast videos in which they show their games, tell their adventures, and have fun in the company of their mother Victoria.

Thanks to the fun content they produce, they have quickly conquered the hearts of millions of pre-schoolers: with 16 dedicated YouTube channels, translated into 13 languages, they have reached more than 56 billion views around the world and over 120 million members.

Vlad & Niki are now #1 in the global YouTube ranking in the “People” category and #5 as Family Show.

Lots of fun and games: this is the winning recipe of the young brothers that enrich the WILDBRAIN CPLG portfolio!

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