5 Oct - 2020

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In absolute first TV from Monday, October 5 every day at 6 p.m. and from October 6, every day also at 7.10 a.m.

Topo Gigio is back on TV in a brand new animated series made entirely in Italy. A great first TV for Italian families, to introduce even the youngest children to the famous puppet that has cheered the childhood of many adults today, in a new, dazzling, cartoon version.

From Monday, October 5, every day at 6 p.m., and from the following day at 7.10 a.m., the most famous mouse of Italian TV but not only, back on air on Rai Yoyo.

The animated series on Topo Gigio, produced in 2D animation between Milan and Florence by Topo Gigio Srl and Movimenti Production in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, is the last project on which worked Maria Perego, the creator of the famous character who died last November at the age of 95 years, who participated in the conception and writing of the episodes, supervising until the end the series.

The new animated series recounts in 52 episodes the daily adventures of the first mouse living in the world of humans. For Topo Gigio everything is new and interesting, even a boring magnet research or a simple game in the yard with his friends Zoe, Bike Bob and the GTeam, the Gigio team. Because Topo Gigio may look like a quiet little mouse, but behind that sweet air hides a dynamic mouse full of ideas.

Gigio is always what we have known in these over 60 years of the character’s life: tender, nice and cuddly. Since 1959, the year of his first appearance on TV, he has crossed the entire history of the small screen, from “Carosello”, the first animated puppet to appear in the unforgettable program of curtains and advertising, to “Canzonissima”, up to “Zecchino d’Oro”, not to mention the successes abroad. A 94-time guest on the “Ed Sullivan Show”, the most famous program in the United States, on air since 1948 on CBS for over twenty years, his appearances on TV all over the world count millions of replicas.

If the debut of Topo Gigio coincides with that of Italian black and white TV, a symbol of an era indelible in the memories of those who lived it, making it still a beloved character, its popularity continues to this day even outside the Italian borders. Suffice it to say that Unicef appointed him “Goodwill Ambassador” for the reconstruction in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 in Japan where Topo Gigio is very famous.

“Gigio does not end with a past, Gigio will have a very important future – said Maria Perego in the last TV interview, for the program “Le Ragazze” by Rai3 aired just a month before his death – How many clicks do you have on YouTube? They are 345 million abundant, I like them on FaceBook 5 million, this is a future. Topo Gigio is a naive character that appeals to every kind of audience… a character always hovering between fantasy and reality”.

This new series of Topo Gigio is therefore not an amarcord operation, but a series aimed at children and families of today, made throughout Italy with the best techniques of contemporary animation.

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