30 Sep - 2020

Chris Dicker, Lena Byrne and John Reynolds have joined forces during the pandemic to launch their new and unique venture, Sow You Entertainment

Renowned and experienced talent from the world of international kids television, Chris Dicker, Lena Byrne and John Reynolds have joined forces during the pandemic to launch their new and unique venture, Sow You Entertainment – a creatively led production company that acts as an original ideas incubator, specialising in Children’s and Family content.

The new startup has hit the ground running, securing a major development deal with a global streaming partner and is in discussions with numerous parties on a variety of other passion projects with universal appeal.  These encompass pre-school, kids’ and tween projects, as well as a limited TV series concept – all at various stages of development.

Sow You is an incubation hub for creators to do what they do best – create!   The company aims to dream big, push boundaries and take risks as they develop and deliver groundbreaking content full of memorable characters and heartwarming stories that inspire audiences of all ages.

Chris Dicker, creator of Amazon Prime’s Jessy and Nessy and co-creator of Nickelodeon’s Becca’s Bunch, will showrun, as well as executive produce alongside Lena Byrne, who brings a wealth of experience from her extensive work with global networks and streamers.  John Reynolds with over 25 years delivering success in senior roles, will be responsible for all commercial activities, including the financing of the development and production slates, through to the management and exploitation of the company’s IP across all platforms.

“We are in the business of ideas and ideas never stopped during lockdown. That’s when we came together to form this new company”, said Dicker. “We see Sow You as a place where both ideas and talent come to grow.  There is a real emphasis on the ‘You’ in our name and we look to nurture creativity and celebrate authenticity”, he continues “We want creators to have a real sense of partnership, as we bring these projects to life together.”

“We follow our hearts and organically develop our ideas from the inside out.  We won’t take on anything we can’t put our everything into”, explains Byrne.  “We are very specific about the stories we want to tell and how we tell them. We have the utmost respect for the audience and feel they deserve only the best of content delivered at the highest quality.  We believe our stories can make a difference.”

“There is no perfect time to start a business, especially when the world is going through a pandemic, however we felt it was the right time, and with our collective track record, to back ourselves and believe we are perfectly positioned to avail of the many opportunities out there.” said Reynolds. “Being lean and flexible allows us to pivot.  We can react quickly to opportunities, be decisive and create a culture that puts talent first.  We look forward to working with the many great creators, studios and commissioners to help bring our ideas to fruition.  Judging by the positive reaction from our peers, we are very excited for what the future holds.”

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