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28 Sep - 2020

Tags from the story: DayDreamer – Le ali del sogno.

The new series of Channel 5 DayDreamer, is making all Italian women dream

Take a charming and gloomy actor, a modern love-story set in a cosmopolitan metropolis, pack it all up with the best production team on the TV market and here is the most acclaimed rom-com of the moment: “DayDreamer – Le ali del sogno”. Made in Turkey, the new mecca for the creation and distribution of soap operas, the series interpreted by the sex symbol Can Yaman is a sparkling concentration of romance and lightness, a fairytale 2.0 that has recorded dizzying ratings in the afternoon segment of Channel 5. On air every day from Monday to Friday at 14:45 and every Saturday before Verissimo.

Set in Istanbul, DayDreamer (whose original title is Erkenci Kuş) focuses on the story of the young Sanem, who aspires to become a writer, but arrives in an advertising agency where she meets the beautiful Can Divit, the owner’s son. Complicit in the darkness of a theater, the two kiss, but without understanding each other’s identity. Will love be born?

The protagonist, Can, who makes women from 15 to 55 years old dream of success.

Recently the TG5 of 20 has dedicated a nice report citing also the new editorial initiatives including the calendar and the magazine

In addition to the Mondadori book and diary, the beloved series has closed the license with Panini for cards and sticker albums, with Dynit for accessories and with Euro Publishing for the calendar.

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