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23 Sep - 2020

Licensing International presented the international results of the Global Licensing Industry Survey 2020 at an online event organized by Licensing Italia, Representative Office of Licensing International, and PwC Italy

In a recent webinar, Licensing Italia and PwC Italy revealed the results of the Global Licensing Industry Survey 2020, showing the latest data on the global and Italian licensing market trend.

Marty Brochstein, Senior VP of Licensing International, said: “In 2019, global sales of licensed goods and services reached $292.8 billion, an increase of 4.5% compared to $280.3 billion in 2018. Since 2016, the growth in the sector worldwide has been 11.4%“.

Brochstein went on to make clear that the dominant Property category worldwide is Entertainment & Character (128, 3 billion USD, 44% of the global licensing market); in second place Corporate Brands (60.1 billion USD, 21% of the market) and in third place Fashion (33, 8 billion USD, 12% of the market).

The product categories that triumph globally in the market are Apparel (15%), Toys and Fashion Accessory (both with 12%).

The analysis of territories for the licensing sector sees the United States and Canada in first position, with 58% of the world market (169.8 billion USD, + 4.5% compared to 2018); in second place Western Europe (56.7 billion USD, + 4.1% from 2018) and in third place North Asia (27.4 billion USD, +5% compared to last year).

As far as Italy is concerned, in 2019 sales increased by 4.2% compared to the previous year (4.24 billion USD compared to 4.07 in 2018), while from 2016 they increased by 8.2%. The dominant product categories are Apparel (783 billion USD), Fashion Accessory (677) and Toys (593).

On a global level, the main trend topics of the moment include Sustainability, e-Commerce, local-based experiences, off-price Channel, Digital Property.

At the end of the event Luisa Giuliana, Senior Manager PwC Italy focused the attention on the delicate contingent situation that, in order to ensure the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of licensing agreements, is leading to rethink the pre-Covid agreements. For example, together with your business partner you could decide to temporarily suspend the payment of the Minimum Guaranteed, or to extend the original duration of the license agreements. In addition, in crisis situations, there is an increased risk of under-reporting or breaches of contractual obligations that could lead to a conflict with the partner.

Roberta Nebbia, Managing Director Licensing Italia, recalled that licensing is certainly suffering from the current crisis as it is transversal to all product sectors. However, after the summer, there seems to be a more optimistic attitude on the part of the market and a great desire to restart resuming suspended contracts and projects and finding shared solutions.

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