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23 Sep - 2020

Planeta Junior recently acquired a stake in ZAG Entertainment, the prestigious French production company behind the mega hits Miraculous: The Adventures of Laydbug and Cat Noir and PowerPlayers.

The agreement will see Planeta participate in the production and strategyof ZAG’s MiraculousWorld from its inception, especially in Europe. Over the next four years, new characters with great potential will be developed for the series, films and – of course – licensing.

But the big novelty of 2020 is undoubtedly PowerPlayers, a brand new animated series full of action and fun, which transports viewers into the extraordinary world of animated toys.  Aimed at a 4+ Kids target, PowerPlayers features the incredible adventures of a young boy and his toys. Thanks to a partnership with CN / Boing the series already has a strong TV platform:  it launched in spring 2020 on Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Boing  with Cartoonito joining the fray in September 2020 in Italy.

Playmates is the Master Toy Partner, while GiochiPreziosi will handle the distribution for Italy and other European countries.

What child hasn’t at least once wished for their toys to come to life and take off on a fantastic adventure together? Luckily for Axel, the nine-year old star of the show, this is exactly what happens.

Axel life is turned upside down when he discovers that his uncle Andrew, a toy inventor, created a special series of living toys, the PowerPlayers, which can be brought to life with magical bracelets, the PowerBandz. This is how Axel meets his team of inseparable friends: wrestling action-figure Masko; lizard-toy star of TV Galileo; BeardBear, a teddy bear with the soul of a hero; gentle Bobbie Blobby at the helm of a mega giant robot; military toy Sergeant Charge; and Slobot, the slow robot. With his new friends Axel discovers he too can transform himself into a toy hero, complete with high-tech accessories, and become the unbeatable Super Axel!

But troubles for the group of super toys begin when the evil Crazy Head comes to life with the PowerBandz: Uncle Andrew’s first unsuccessful experiment on a toy superhero. Crazy Head escaped from the lab and, together with his army of evil accomplices, is intent on carrying out a terrible mission: to steal Axel’s PowerBandz bracelets and use them to turn all humans into toys under his power, thus conquering the whole world. Axel and his friends, with the help of neighbor Zoe,will do anything it takes to thwart Testa Matta’s terrible plan – without alerting the oblivious  Uncle Andrew.

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