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22 Sep - 2020

Tags from the story: Minni prêt-à-porter, Topolino.

The first chapter of this “tailor-made” adventure is on issue number 3382 on newsstands from Wednesday 16 September

Minni prêt-à-porter is the title of the new series that Mickey Mouse, Italy’s most beloved comic weekly, dedicates entirely to one of its most iconic characters: Minni. The story, in installments, started on issue 3382 on newsstands from Wednesday, September 16 and is the beginning of a journey to (re)discover the generous, determined and creative character of the “feminine side” of Topolinia, with the depth of role it deserves in the rich Disney comics universe.

The first chapter of this adventure in the world of fashion, coming out close to the start of the famous Milanese fashion week, is entitled Questione di stile (Question of Style) and is scripted by Valentina Camerini and designed by Giada Perissinotto. Minni, looking for help to finish her Princess Sky cosplayer dress, turns to her friend and up-and-coming designer Betty, who in turn is busy preparing a special dress, the one to participate in the competition organized by the famous actress Fiona Top. The mutual collaboration, “sewn” with a thread of sagacity and intuition, can produce great results, but in the world of haute couture sometimes not all that glitters is gold, and the trips of the envious to get to the red carpet are to be taken into account …

And it is the same, elegant Minni that “parades” with a special dress on the cover of issue 3382 of the weekly magazine designed by Giorgio Cavazzano. The Master is also the author of the prestigious collection of 8 metal stamps dedicated to Donald Duck, representing the Disney hero in the company of his dearest friends and relatives, and that starts this same week: with the number 3382 will be available the first stamp and the binder; the collection will continue then on Mickey Mouse 3383, 3384 and 3385 and on Donald Duck 484 (on newsstands from September 30th).

The appointment with Mickey Mouse is, as always, on newsstands every Wednesday, and then in the comics shop, on Topolino.it and on the social channels.

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