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16 Sep - 2020

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Interview with Marianne James VP EMEA giving an overview of merging with EONE

After the announcement of the acquisition of EONE in April 2020, is the integration of PJ Masks, Peppa Pig and Ricky Zoom within the Hasbro universe completed?

Marianne James, VP Consumer Product EMEA replies:

Although the merging process was managed during the lockdown period, we can say that now Peppa Pig, Pj Masks and Ricky Zoom are 100% part of our portfolio – not only we are managing the projects already in place but we are planning long-term development plans for the next years: to bring our brands to the next level we are working on new contents, digital projects and new partnerships to develop more and more licensed products and live experiences.

Our strategy is to consolidate Hasbro as major Licensor in the entertainment market, supporting our Hasbro franchise brands and developing further these new beloved preschool brands.

Our aim is to offer not only the opportunity to “play” with Hasbro products but to “live” our brands at 360 °.

Hasbro is currently the 4th Licensor with 4.7% market share and our goal for the next years is to become the 2nd player in the licensing market.

PJ MASK and PEPPA PIG are the best-known preschool properties, are there new contents coming?


Peppa Pig is one of the best pre-school properties since years and thanks to the current “evergreen” trend, we can say that Peppa is back again: a new generation of little fans watch Peppa Pig TV series and buy licensed products, with the support of parents who now know well the character and trust in its brand values.

The 8 TV series available are broadcasted daily throughout Europe on the most popular kids channels and the 9th series is in production and will be distributed next year.

In the meantime, children can follow Peppa’s adventures on the Youtube Official channel which has 32 billion views and 62 million followers.

Peppa Pig is international phenomenon beloved by children and their families  of all nationalities, in fact it is the 6th largest license in EU5 and the 2nd Infant-Preschool character.

PJ Masks is another record-breaking franchise, the 3rd brand in the infant preschool segment with always new contents available: a new series is going to be launch in the next months and the 5th series  is already in production.

Children have fun with PJ not only through television but also thanks to digital contents, 5 apps available for IOS and Android and the  music playlist that has already been listened in streaming 96 million times!!

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