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9 Sep - 2020

During the second quarter of the year more and more consumers have chosen e-commerce, in fact online sales increased by 71% compared to the first part of 2020

During the second quarter of the year, more and more consumers chose e-commerce as their primary source of purchase due to the effects of the pandemic: a recent research published by CNBC showed that online sales in the USA increased by 71% compared to the first part of 2020 and by 58.5% in the “food & beverage” sector. Boom of online portals also in Great Britain: they represent 28.1% of total sales (+9.4% in one year).

The pandemic and the months of lockdown did not affect e-commerce revenues as a success for physical stores, triggering a diametrically opposed effect and accelerating the process of digitization of purchases. Suffice it to say that according to a research by Salesforce and published a few days ago in the U.S. by CNBC online purchases increased by 71% in the second quarter of 2020 and that, according to a British survey by the Office for National Statistics, online sales related to the total retail sector increased from 18.7% in July 2019 to 28.1% in the same month of this year, recording a growth of 9.4%. And again, according to a survey by the U.S. Department of Commerce, consumers spent more than $211 billion on online purchases, leading to e-commerce growth of 31.8% over the previous four months. But that’s not all, because an eMiarketer research published on TechCrunch highlighted that the most profitable sector in the same period was food & beverage, with a growth of 58.5%. In this scenario, several Italian companies, such as the Milanese Vitavigor, have decided to create an advanced online portal dedicated to lovers of breadsticks and snacks from Italy and all over Europe to take advantage of this trend and make up for the drop in consumption in the large-scale retail sector.

We firmly believe in the strength of e-commerce and that’s why we decided to launch into this new adventure, planned for a long time, to ensure our customers the opportunity to find their favorite products on our official portal – explained Federica Bigiogera, marketing manager of VitavigorMade in collaboration with the Japal platform, our e-commerce wants to represent a great commitment to support the made in Italy and the food industry in general in these difficult times. We guarantee the possibility to buy products and receive them in express mode in just 48 hours, with free deliveries starting from 49 euros of purchases, and to take advantage of important promotions also through social channels“.

A real golden age of e-commerce that has also affected the local market: according to a survey carried out by Netcomm, the Italian Electronic Commerce Consortium, Italian consumers who prefer online purchases are currently 29 million and the sector will grow by 55% by the end of the year. The biggest advantage is undoubtedly food delivery, which has recorded a growth of 19% and a value of 716 million euros. The demand for products has in some cases tripled compared to the pre-Covid period, forcing many companies to accelerate the digitization process. A clear signal of the interest of Italians in the digitization of purchases and a paradigm shift compared to the retail world caused by the months of lockdown.

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