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2 Sep - 2020

525 Episodes of New Programming from Kidtagious and Millimages Bolster Lego, Mattel and 9Story Hit Shows

Future Today, a leader in creating and managing new platforms and programming channels that reach millions of viewers, announced that Kidtagious Entertainment and Millimages, have chosen Happykids, the company’s flagship kids and family-themed channel, as their preferred platform, bringing more than 525 new episodes of their popular children’s TV programming to millions of happy little viewers and their families.

HappyKids has now expanded its library to include over 55,000 family-friendly movies, TV shows and educational videos. With the latest addition, dedicated fans now have free access to inventive and proven popular programs, including Molang and Truck Games from Millimages, as well as Future Card BuddyFight and Mofy from Kidtagious.

HappyKids has become the destination streaming platform for the most popular and established children’s programming brands, including Lego, Mattel, Nelvana, Moonbug, Super Simple Songs, 9Story Distribution International and others. These titles range from Barbie, Thomas & Friends and Hot Wheels from Mattel; Lego Ninjago and Friends from Lego; Pororo the Little Penguin among other shows from Iconix; Bakugan from Nelvana; and Camp Lakebottom from 9Story, to name but a few of the popular series.

Kidtagious and Millimages are recognized leaders in family programming,” said David DiLorenzio, SVP Kids & Family at Future Today. “Together, they bring an extensive and unduplicated library of content that is both innovative and entertaining and will keep our audience captivated and engaged. They are the perfect complement to our existing library.

Future Today is the largest publisher of family-focused content on streaming platforms with a portfolio of over 150 channels which the company manages through its cloud-based platform for studios, distribution companies and influencers. Since its launch in 2012, HappyKids has become one of the largest providers of free kids content in the US and has experienced explosive growth in both its content library and viewership, seeing user growth of 160% YoY in July alone.

Future Today offers a best-in-class platform that will instantly introduce millions of new fans to our programming,” said Kerry Novick, SVP of Global Sales & Acquisitions at Kidtagious. “HappyKids delivers a kids-safe environment, and as one of the largest providers of children’s programming across connected TVs (CTV), it’s the perfect platform to deliver our content.”

The HappyKids app is available across numerous streaming platforms and devices, including Roku, Apple TV, AndroidTV, Amazon Fire TV, Comcast Xfinity, Cox Contour, iOS, Android, and most recently, as a linear channel on Vizio Smart TVs.

Future Today is a great partner to fuel Millimages’ international growth and reach,” said Grace Lee, Sales Director at Millimages. “Their proven cross channel promotion, advertising and overall management make them an ideal one-stop shop to showcase our vast library of content.

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