1 Sep - 2020

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Great success for Zecchino d’Oro Castings, which after a first live start coordinated by Wobinda Produzioni, continued online

Despite the health emergency, the search for the voices of the little protagonists of the next edition of Zecchino d’Oro, number 63, the historic song competition played by children, and whose selections are now in the final phase, did not stop.

Given the impossibility of being present, as in past years, in every Italian city with the Casting Tour, the Antoniano di Bologna in collaboration with Wobinda Produzioni still wanted to give all the children the opportunity to send their audition online, a large organization that led to an enthusiastic response of around 4,000 applications.

While on the one hand the human warmth of the small participants was certainly lacking, the high participation confirmed the desire of the children to try to be part of the Zecchino Universe, a reality recognized by Unesco as a Heritage for a culture of peace, with a repertoire of songs dedicated to childhood famous all over the world.

The last phase of the selections takes place in person, as usual, at the Antoniano in Bologna, in compliance with all the rules of social distancing, thus giving way to the most important singing event dedicated to children.

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