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5 Aug - 2020

Da Hamsta of Hamsta World and AMGI Animation premiere first 3D Hamsta animation and music video for “Da Lalala Song”

Da Hamsta Squad from Hamsta World is shaking its belly in 3D for the first time in their exciting new music video. Cosmo Polly and her Hamsta friends can’t stop dancing to their catchy new feel good tune Da LaLaLa Song. In the music video Da Hamstas party it up Hamsta style with Dutch TikTok celebrity Sara Dol. The 3D animation in the video are a sneak peek to the new Hamsta World animation series, created by Los Angeles based AMGI Animation Studios. The video for Da LaLaLa Song was released August 1st on YouTube and across Hamsta World partner WildBrain Spark’s network YouTube channels.

The adorable 3D animations are created by AMGI Animation Studios. Supervising the animation team to put the perfect jiggle in da Hamsta wiggle and jelly in da belly, is Colin Brady, an absolute authority in the field of animation having held positions in the past at Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic, amongst others.

The entire AMGI Studios team are incredibly excited to be a part of the brand new, totally fun Hamsta music video – featuring Da LaLaLa Song. We’re having a blast rendering the wonderfully wacky Hamstas in 3D for the first time! The catchy, Hamsta music video premiere represents a really big kickoff to what promises to be an ongoing batch of memorable animations coming to market. I just can’t stop humming Da LaLaLa tune!” says Brady.

The Voice Of Holland Kids singer Isabel de Jongh lends her voice to Hamsta Cosmo Polly. The little red Hamsta sings about something dear to her heart: just be yourself – an important theme in Hamsta World where you are always loved for who you are.

Saskia Keiser, Hamsta creator and CEO of Happy Ink says, “It’s fantastic to finally see my Hamstas in 3D. It is everything I envisioned and more. Colin and his team truly created magic. Da Hamstas are so incredibly cute, it makes you just want to hug and squeeze them. I hope kids around the world will find joy singing and dancing along with Cosmo Polly and the other Hamstas. And that they’ll take the song’s message to heart: they are perfect just the way they are and can be themselves at Hamsta World.”

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