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30 Jul - 2020

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Curtis Licensing offers one of the largest collections of copyrighted illustrations by some of America’s most iconic illustrators, and content for every occasion

Curtis has been licensing the content of famous The Saturday Evening Post (originally covers, inside illustrations, photos, articles etc.) for over 40 years. Born in 1728, today the Post continues to be published bimonthly, together with children’s publications  Jack and JillChild LifeTurtle, Humpty DumptyChildren’s Playmate

Curtis Licensing has now an impressive collection of images that surpass 10,000 assets, and that does not include thousands of photos, stories, cartoons from the various magazines.

Our images portray families spending time together, warm meaningful Christmas traditions, simple times where people’s only concern was what to have for dinner” said Cris Piquinela, director of business development for Curtis. “With the world in constant change and so many reasons to worry, our art brings people comfort.”

The licensing program embrace tabletop, puzzles, stationery, home décor, apparel, seasonal products, publishing, advertising and promotional uses, films, etc.

To Curtis the relationships with customers are precious: all requests are an important way to keep up with the times and adapt their archive full of traditional images to contemporary needs. On www.curtislicensing.com each licensee can look a sampling of the many images, then the Curtis team can research for him in archive going back to 1800s, to find the artwork that fits his needs.

The core values of Curtis Licensing are flexibility, from the agreement terms that they offer to licensing partners, to the wide allowances on art manipulation; full support, on creative services, design and possibility to put together production files at no cost. If the licensees need art that they don’t have it, they will also generate it for them; creativity in all ways, whether it is adjusting sales channels, coming up with new product ideas or  simply producing art designs fast to respond to a brand new emerging trend.

Artwork manipulation and creating new art have allowed us to grow in to more product categories than ever before” explain Piquinela.Another huge area of growth for us has been the children’s magazine stories which we license continually for use in learning materials and assessment tests.”

Contribution by Andrea De Amicis


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