27 Jul - 2020

Tags from the story: Barbie, Conad, Hot Wheel, Mattel.

Experience the magic of the Mattel brands in a dedicated space to be discovered at participating stores!

With Mattel the fun is never lacking: the company has always boasted a portfolio of brands that have been able to conquer and entertain generations of children. If you talk about Mattel, the thought goes immediately to Barbie, the most iconic fashion doll ever and to Hot Wheels, the brand that has the word “challenge” in its DNA, made of vehicles and tracks where adrenaline reigns. Experience the countless careers of Barbie and the flames of Hot Wheels thanks to the incredible retail tour at Conad stores: the retail spaces are transformed for a limited period of time to welcome the magic of Barbie and Hot Wheels.

Waiting for visitors to the shopping centers and stores that have joined the tour, there will be a dedicated space set up with graphics and colors of the two brands: there you can not only see and buy the Hot Wheels and Barbie products on display, but there will be many surprises: to welcome young and old there will be in fact a real racing car personalized Hot Wheels; for those who are not lovers of engines and adrenaline challenges of Hot Wheels no problem: the wonderful Barbie box awaits all the girls, who can not only dream big, thanks to the many accessories designed by Barbie, but also take a selfie inside the box, to have a memory of a day in the company of the most famous fashion doll ever!

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