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14 Jul - 2020

7-Eleven Malaysia has teamed up with emoji® – The Iconic Brand to launch its collectable premium loyalty programme, EMOBEAR™


7-Eleven Malaysia, the nation’s No.1 convenience store chain, has teamed up with emoji® – The Iconic Brand to launch its collectable premium loyalty programme, EMOBEAR™. The one-ofa-kind EMOBEAR™ collection comes in 27 adorable designs, each featuring a different emoji® brand icon on the jersey of the EMOBEAR ™ namely Luvly, Starry, Wannabey, Notty and Ka-Chingy, among others.

Customers will be rewarded with programme stickers for every purchase of RM5 and above in a single receipt at any 7-Eleven Malaysia outlet, from now until August 16, 2020. A bonus sticker will be rewarded if the purchase includes a selected partner product from brands such as Pepsi, Cadbury and Marigold, amongst others. With a total of 24 stickers, an EMOBEAR™ is redeemable for free. Alternatively, customers can also purchase an EMOBEAR™ at RM9.90 alongside 12 stickers. The redemption period of this campaign is until August 23, 2020.

Hurry, head over to your nearest 7-Eleven and enjoy its latest offerings, from Aiskleem™ to its extensive 7- Eleven packaged bakery selections, from its delectable range of imported and trending products to its scrumptious selection of onigiri and chilled Ready-to Eat meals as well as, the coolest drink on earth, 7- Eleven´s signature Slurpee® and be rewarded with programme stickers to begin your EMOBEAR™ collection. Customers can also download and sign us as a My7E™ loyalty app member to enjoy more benefits when they shop with us. As a welcome reward to all new members, a complimentary one-off RM 3 e-cash voucher will be given for every successful sign-up. Other benefits that await members include annual birthday reward, exclusive in-app monthly product e-stamp cards that reward members based on repeat purchases, fortnightly product or service e-Coupons.

With the launch of EMOBEAR™, 7-Eleven Malaysia aspires to continue elevating customer´s shopping experiences and to scale greater heights as the largest convenience store operator in Malaysia with over 2,400 stores nationwide. To meet today´s expectations in providing convenience to customers, 7-Eleven Malaysia opts to stay close to its customer´s heart by staying tru to its motto, Always There for You.

The popularity of the emoji® brand and its emoji® icons has inspired us to integrate them into our loyalty programme. emoji® brand icons are not only changing the way we express ourselves through text, but also expanding the way we communicate. The usage of icons has become an usual feature in our daily communications on digital mediums, and we are certain that these adorable plush toys would definitely be a hit among fans. As a bonus, customers may also participate in our social media contest, dubbed. Take a picture with your #EMOJIBEAR from June 22nd until August 2nd, 2020. A total of 10 winner will stand a chance to take home 3 EMOBEARS of their choice. To participate in the contest, one just has to snap a photo with their redeemed 7-Eleven´s #EMOBEAR and upload the most creative photo on their Facebook or Instagram account with hashtags #PictureWithEMOBEAR, #EMOBEAR and #7ElevenMY in the caption.”Says Ronan Lee,General Manager of Marketing of 7-Eleven Malaysia.

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