13 Jul - 2020

The Toy Association partners with Clamour to unveil influencers’ top toy picks in September


The Toy Association has teamed up with Clamour, producers of the largest annual industry summit for professional online video influencers, for the first-ever Toy Fair Everywhere Influencer Choice List.

Open exclusively to exhibitors of the Association’s Toy Fair Everywhere series of digital market weeks, the Influencer Choice List will recognize the top toys and games from Toy Fair Everywhere as voted on by a select panel of leading family and toy influencers in the Clamour network. The picks will be revealed as the industry gears up for fourth quarter in an announcement tied to the Toy Fair Everywhere market week in September.

Social media marketing has become a powerful tool in connecting with today’s generation of kids,” said Marian Bossard, executive vice president of global market events at The Toy Association. “Thanks to this partnership with Clamour, we are helping exhibitors get their product in front of top-tier digital content creators from platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, while also recognizing the passion and innovation toymakers bring to our industry.”

With audiences stuck at home depending on YouTube to entertain the family, the impact of influencers has never been more important,” said Jonathan Katz, co-founder and CEO of Clamour. “That’s why Clamour is so proud to partner with The Toy Association to launch the Influencer Choice List, where influencers voices elevate the products that most resonate with them and their audiences.”

The influencers who will be casting their votes have a minimum monthly following of at least one million views on their main platform and a social reach of more than 500,000. They will spend time reviewing product details, photos, and physical product (if available) submitted in advance, before voting for their favorites. Voting will take place August 23 to 25, both online and in person at Clamour Summit in Northern California. No employees or representatives of Clamour or The Toy Association will have any role in determining the products selected.

The cost to nominate a product is $140 for the first submission and $100 for each additional product submission. The Influencer Choice List will be unveiled during the Toy Fair Everywhere September market week. The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 7 at midnight (Eastern).

For more information about the Toy Fair Everywhere Influencer Choice List powered by Clamour, contact Clamour’s Victoria Fener or Jonathan Katz.

Toy Fair Everywhere market weeks will take place July 13 to 19, August 17 to 23, and September 14 to 20. For exhibitor inquiries, please contact The Toy Association’s Stacy Liebensohn or visit toyfaireverywhere.com for more information.


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