30 Jun - 2020

The fashion industry looks to the future in the first dedicated digital convention: an innovative virtual space for over 1,500 national and international companies and more than 50 speakers. Registration is free

Fashion stops (one day) to start again. The Ecomm Fashion, the first digital convention dedicated to Italian fashion, is scheduled for Tuesday, July 7th. More than 1,500 companies, among the main national and international players, and more than 50 authoritative speakers have come together to look to the future and relaunch the entire sector at a time of profound change. Within an innovative virtual space, the States General of fashion want to compare experiences and trends to identify strategies and solutions. The watchword: evolution, in retail, digital and sustainable terms.

Organized by the marketing agency Velvet with the support of Federazione Moda Italia di Confcommercio, Nazionale Italiana Agenti Moda, Politecnico Calzaturiero, Assocalzaturifici, Università Bocconi and Università degli Studi di Padova, Ecomm Fashion takes its cue from two seemingly contradictory data: on the one hand, sales have almost halved (-40%) in the first quarter of this year in the appareal, fashion and luxury sectors; on the other, the growth in turnover of 15% for those who have adopted digital marketing strategies.

The Coronavirus emergency has only accelerated some processes that were already underway,” says Alessio Badia, promoter of Ecomm Fashion and professor of Masters in Fashion Management at the most important Italian universities. “The fashion sector has not only been deeply affected by the pandemic, but is also the one that is suffering the most from the change in modern consumer logic. It is important at this moment to act on the lever of transformation; a transformation that must be guided and not suffered in order to give life to a relaunch“. The centrality of fashion in Italy is witnessed by a galaxy of 82,000 companies that employ over 500,000 people. According to Mediobanca’s Study Area, the fashion system is able to generate a turnover that is well in excess of 70 billion euros.

More than a necessity, sharing is a duty,” stresses Badia. But in which direction? “Three of those we have identified and placed at the centre of the debate: retail, digital and environmental sustainability. As far as retail sales are concerned, in fact, the health emergency has accentuated the fragility of a system that is no longer current. For retail, there is a new paradigm based on the “020 commerce“, i.e. Online-To-Offline, therefore the integration of different sales tools, exploiting the opportunities that come from digital. And the digital ecosystem represents the new challenge: not only in terms of e-commerce, but also social selling and all the tools that the digital galaxy can offer. Not least, the concept of environmental sustainability. It is from here, as also reiterated at the EU level, the way to a necessary, when necessary, relaunch of the economy. In fashion, moreover, new consumption patterns require companies to be increasingly sustainable and socially responsible.

Ecomm Fashion will take place on 7 July in one of the most innovative digital spaces, specifically designed to encourage interaction between people and the sharing of documents, videos and in-depth material. There will be a virtual room for the plenary, eight meeting rooms for workshops and round tables and 20 both rooms for one-to-one meetings.

Participation is free.
For speaker list and full programme: https://e-comm.events/

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