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30 Jun - 2020

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Thanks to the action of the latest generation of filter materials, 0-Out is the first filter that purifies tap water without eliminating its essential elements


Supporting the environment can be as easy as drinking a glass of water: today on Indiegogo it has been launched the crowdfunding campaign to finance 0-Out, the revolutionary water filter designed by Italian Pea&Promoplast, in collaboration with Save The Planet, and tested by the University of Turin. Made with BPA free materials, this cutting-edge filtration system purifies tap water from micro plastics, organic pollutants and heavy metals, without changing the composition and content of naturally occurring mineral salts, reducing the consumption of plastic while promoting health.

Unlike the filtering systems (internal and external) currently on the market, 0-Out blocks both the polluting organic compounds and toxic constituents present in the mains water, without eliminating mineral salts and precious nutrients for human nutrition. What makes it unique in its kind is the combined action of activated carbons and special ion exchange resins, different from those commonly used, able to break down over 130 chemical species, including micro plastics, organic pollutants and heavy metals, such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel, lead and mercury for lead, while maintaining the content of naturally present mineral salts.

A study by the National Academy of Sciences identified the final section of the water distribution system as the priority area to reduce the risk to public health for several reasons: the high surface-to-area ratio of pipes, the low or absent level of disinfectant due to the decadent nature of buildings, the increased likelihood of cross-connections due to installations performed by inexperienced or unlicensed plumbers, and the likelihood of bacterial re-growth (particularly legionella).

The resins were identified after a year of testing, carried out in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry of the University of Turin. This research has led to the creation of a tap-filter that is quick and easy to install, with a filtering life of over 1000 litres, able to reduce the number of filter cartridge placements to a minimum.

Elena Stoppioni, president of Save the Planet states: “Given the nature and mission of our association, we can only fully support initiatives such as 0-Out, born from the will of one of our members. This is a very important project for us for two reasons: the first is the possibility of reducing the use of plastic and therefore the risk of pollution deriving from this material which, today, is present in very high quantities in our planet and, above all, in our seas. The second reason, equally important, is purely of benefit to people, who in this way can drink running water purged of harmful substances and bacteria“.

In addition, thanks to the dedicated app, with 0-Out it will be possible to monitor from mobile not only the wear and tear of the filter, but also the reduction in plastic consumption and the related cost savings. A project with a strong value in environmental terms, especially in a country like Italy, which is in third place in the world for consumption of bottled mineral water, after Mexico and Thailand. According to the latest data, 10 billion plastic bottles were sold in 2019 alone, for a total estimate of about 400,000 tons of plastic.

Crowdfunding is ideal for innovative projects. We have chosen the crowdfunding method for the first time because we want to validate the product before launching it on the market, taking advantage of the feedback we will receive from the adopters/supporters of the campaign” says Fabrizio Aprile, founder of 0-Out and head of Pea&Promoplast‘s Innovative Projects area, who adds “With 0-Out we want to show that respecting the planet, moving towards a sustainable future, is an action that concerns us all. Even a simple gesture like drinking a glass of water can lead to very important results“.

0-Out will be distributed globally at the cost of 80 euros (49 if purchased during the crow funding campaign on Indiegogo) and 15 euros per refill, able to cover the needs of a family of 3 people for a year. In addition, it will be certified by NSF International, the American body that carries out filtration tests on products that treat water, plus that for the European market.

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