From 3 June the complete series will also be available with the first two beloved seasons


The highly anticipated third season of Penny On M.A.R.S., the highly successful series where dreams, secrets, friendship and love live to the rhythm of music, will arrive on Disney+ from Friday, July 3.

But the surprises don’t end there: from the same day the entire series will be available on the streaming platform with the first two beloved seasons.

In a new school year in which her certainties in love and friendship are being put to the test, Penny decides to put the needs of others before herself, on the one hand helping her mother, who has suffered a shock, to get back on her feet and fight for Pete’s custody; on the other hand spurring Vicky, a talented but disfigured dancer, to put herself at stake at M.A.R.S. and to mature, turning from an ugly duckling to a swan. To do so she is willing to sacrifice her personal success to the school essay and also to risk her triumph to the talent, knowing that victory goes beyond competition and trophies.

This new season, like the previous ones, is an original Italian production. Filmed in Milan, it is directed by Claudio Norza – former director of the TV series Alex & Co. which has become a real costume phenomenon – and is produced by 3Zero2Tv in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Italia. To play Penny the audience will find the charismatic Olivia Mai-Barret, while the volcanic Shannon Gaskin will return in the role of Camilla and Finlay MacMillan will be once again the beautiful and talented Sebastian. But there will also be many surprises for the audience fond of the series.

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