In the months of the lockdown they have increased by 250% the followers of their TikTok profile which becomes the third most followed in Italy

That Italian boys, like their peers from the rest of the world, have a visceral need to be in contact with each other is well known. That they do so more and more by using social media as a means, is undeniable. That the months of lockdown and social distancing have inevitably increased the average time spent on the web is intuitable, as well as confirmed by research.

Yet these things alone are not enough to explain the real escalation of consensus in recent weeks of one profile in particular, that of  LAPRESA TWINS, who have seen the number of followers and like to become two and a half times the already very high number they had just over 4 months ago!

Lapresa Twins are brothers but above all they are an artistic duo. Bolognese, twenty-one years old, Nicholas and William have always dabbled in different activities, both sporting and artistic.

Football (William arrives in Serie D), Mixed Martial Arts (Nicholas wins the Italian championships in 2014) and then acting (Nicholas participates in the short film “I’m Caesar but call me Mimmo” directed by Orfeo Orlando, and in the docu-film directed by Paolo Muran “Tutto il palazzo”) and modeling (they’ve been on show in many events and have recently been models for Champion while we saw them at the last Dolce&Gabbana fashion shows).

Two years ago (May 2018) the turning point that changed their lives: they landed on YouTube, and in September they subscribed to TikTok where they started uploading their videos continuously from January 2019. And it’s right here that Lapresa Twins have found their ideal dimension, reaching in a very short time the great success, to the point that already in December 2019 they are indicated by media like TG1 RAI and Forbes as TikToker with the highest engagement in Italy.

These results are the result of a tireless and daily work that the guys have dedicated to the growth of the quality of the contents of their profile, when it was not yet known if TikTok would become the colossus it is now, but for the pure desire to do and do well!

Today, post lockdown, they have exceeded 5.5 million followers and the average monthly views are over 400 million.

The media are also noticing this, like Buzzoole who has recently drawn up a ranking for average views (total views divided by the number of posts), considering only tiktokers who have published more than 100 videos (20 per month) from January to May 2020: at the top of the ranking there are Nicholas and William who with 280 videos published have reached an average of about 4.17 million views on video!

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