11 Jun - 2020

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Little Teddy met Hello Kitty and they immediately became great friends!


After the super lucky launch of the collection dedicated to Hello Kitty, the Japanese icon created by the Japanese multinational Sanrio, finally the little heroine meets the mythical Teddy THUN and the carefree cheerfulness of two friends transforms the many ceramic subjects and funny objects for every day.

Hello Kitty is ready to meet her new companions in the THUN puppy family and welcome them with her heart. She was looking forward to making friends and having super fun adventures together. On the other hand, there’s no fun without Hello Kitty.

These extraordinary arrangements are depicted in the traditional hand-decorated THUN ceramic creations. You’ll find them in different formats and in the most joyful attitudes:

  • Hello Kitty THUN big with butterfly
  • Hello Kitty THUN maxi with Teddy
  • Hello Kitty THUN media with heart
  • Hello Kitty THUN small with flower
  • Hello Kitty THUN small with strawberry

The Hello Kitty THUN line is completed with many new and special accessories:

  • the legendary 2 mugs of porcelain decorated to share breakfast with laughter;
  • the fabulous fabric shopping bags with a rich decoration printed on both sides will be a must for the summer: comfortable and simple but with the iconic Hello Kitty;
  • the keychain decorated with colorful enamel will be perfect to take you around all day;
  • a special wallet also decorated inside with a super colourful pattern, it has many rich internal compartments;
  • the bag will finally be the secret of your beauty and will contain everything that matters to you in a comfortable and fun way.

The exclusive capsule collection is available from 5 June in all THUN shops and on thun.com.

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