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27 May - 2020

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Kate Wogan announce two new Uh Oh Milo! pictures books

Two brand new picture books were launch, joining the colourful UhOhMilo! series designed to use imagination to help parents and pre-schoolers make manners fun.

In UhOhMilo! The Beastly Bogels we are introduced to the cheeky Bogels, who get over excited and carried away, demanding attention when they come to play. Milo, Mary and Granny turn to hugs to make sure everyone is happy and bring calm back to the playroom.

In UhOhMilo! The Gobbing Goblins we meet the greedy Goblins who have abandoned their table manners, eating with their fingers, toes and even their noses. Mary, Milo and Granny use a combination of Granny’s magic potion and good manners to restore harmony, and cutlery, to the dining table.

The two new titles join the already popular UhOhMilo! The Impolite Imps.

All three books, by author Kate Wogan, are inspired by fairy tales and mythology as they help teach pre-schoolers that good manners win the day.

Author Kate commented, “The colourful UhOhMilo! stories are designed to capture the imagination of little readers, but we hope they also help parents cope with some of the most common issues parents face in a fun and engaging way.

The books are available individually for £6.99 each from uhohmilo.com or, until the 31st May, a special lockdown offer means all three can be purchased for £18 including postage and packing.

So let Milo, Mary and Granny bring a touch of magic to your household, delivering manners direct to your door.

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