Gallina Puntolina flies on socials and closes new licensing agreements


The feedback obtained on social networks by Gallina Puntolina is exceptional: in less than a month since activation, the Facebook page and Instagram profile have reached more than 60,000 people and exceeded 2,000 interactions. In addition, the like campaign at the beginning of May, aimed at a target group of parents with children between 0 and 6 years old, registered the extraordinary result of almost 4,000 “likes”.

The numbers are even more interesting considering that Gallina Puntolina’s animated series appeared on television, on the Frisbee channel, only in March.

The comments published on the FB page and the number of shares show that the public has become attached to the character and the cartoon in a short time and confirm its potential. 

A few weeks after its debut in Italy on Frisbee’s TV screens, Gallina Puntolina sees the definition of 3 licensing agreements in the publishing sector. Pon Pon Edizioni has signed a contract for the publication of illustrated books, which will be distributed in bookshops and the mass market.

A deal has been closed with RCS Mediagroup for the realization of an editorial project. The newsstand channel also sees the signing of a license agreement with Play Press for the distribution of magic albums with a color-reveal marker, coloring books and activity book.