27 May - 2020

Tags from the story: Leolandia.

The cast of Leolandia puts on a musical about socials while waiting to return to perform live on stage


A wave of enthusiasm, energy and optimism … capable of infecting even the web! It’s “The Kingdom of Kamau“, an irresistible musical staged on the social channels of Leolandia by the artistic cast of the park, composed of over 30 young talents among international dancers and acrobats, waiting to return to perform live on stage.

For the occasion, the choreography has been adapted to the rules of digital … with a few surprises that, in the best tradition of Leolandia, will leave the little ones speechless!

A hymn to life and fun, while Leolandia is getting ready to reopen and give guests the pleasure of a SUREly fun experience!

In the same series also “The Dance of the Animals“, a baby dance for children who can have fun imitating the monkey, the horse, the kangaroo and many other animal friends!

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