Pippi’s 75th anniversary celebrations continue with important product launches

To celebrate Pippi’s 75th birthday, Salani Editore publishes a special complete edition of the novel “Pippi Longstocking”, with a new translation by Samanta K. Milton Knowles, enriched by an additional content of eight new unpublished chapters.

With this book, in distribution from May 28th, Salani Editore, in collaboration with The Astrid Lindgren Company, contributes to support Save The Children’s international campaign “Pippi of Today”: a portion of the sales will be donated to Save the Children to help girls and girls fleeing war and poverty in the world.

In these days another book has been published featuring the rebellious little girl with red braids.

Published from North-South, “Do you know Pippi Longstocking?” is an illustrated book written by Astrid Lindgren for a pre-school target, enriched by the unmistakable original drawings by Inger Nyman.

Happy Socks also participates in the celebration of Pippi’s 75th birthday and the support of Save the Children campaign “Pippi of Today”, proposing a special collection of socks dedicated to the iconic heroine with freckles. Also in this case, a portion of the sales will be donated to Save the Children in favour of relief initiatives for migrant girls.

The limited edition dedicated to Pippi, which proposes colourful and funny socks, can be purchased online on the Happy Socks website.