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18 May - 2020

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Pocoyo hits 540 million YouTube views during lockdown, supporting learning and raising awareness


Pocoyo has been a great ally to families all over the world during the lockdown period. Videos packed with handy hints to help the smallest members of the family remember good hygiene habits, special episodes paying tribute to front-line professionals and a whole range of educational content, particularly to reinforce English language skills, all helped Pocoyo amass a total of 547 million views in April.

Pocoyo chalked up record watch times in April, entertaining kids all over the world for a total of 97.6 million hours, which is equivalent to 11,143 years.

The countries with the strongest growth in demand for Pocoyo content included Brazil, which registered a total of 110 million views over the month, and the US, where Pocoyo content attracted 60 million views. Pocoyo has also featured more than ever before on screens across the Spanish-speaking world and in Europe, where audience figures grew at the fastest pace in Italy, France and Germany.

These outstanding figures have further underpinned Pocoyo’s position as one of the most popular kids’ characters on YouTube, totalling over 19.5 billion views and 1.67 billion watch hours.

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