13 May - 2020

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DRAGON BALL is the most famous Japanese animated series in the world!


First published in 1984, Dragon Ball is still one of the most beloved manga in the world! With more than 250 million pieces sold all over the world, it is also among the top 5 best selling manga in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, UK and Germany).

The same for the ANIMATED CARDBOARD, with + 600 episodes and 4 series produced since 1986. And the latest series DRAGON BALL SUPER launched with great success all over the world! The success of DRAGON BALL is based on the typical ingredients of the Shonen Genre: Family & Friendship, Loyalty, Courage, in short, a person with strong values and fun!

Goku is a hero passionate about martial arts, always looking for his improvement. With the help of his family and friends, he protects the Earth and its inhabitants from multiple enemies in the Universe. Cheerful and funny, full of humor and positive values, Dragon Ball is a series suitable for the whole family!

Dragon Ball Super is programmed on all Turner networks, including ITALY 1, ITALY 2, BOING, CARTOON NETWORK, since Fall 2020. The Dragon Ball Super marathon, broadcast at Christmas 2016, recorded 1+ 6,000,000 viewers, a record number!

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