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11 May - 2020

The Valentino and Marc Jacobs Collections already available on Animal Crossing: New Horizons


It is the only video game that celebrates happiness, that relaxes body and soul, that puts everyone in a good mood. Ideal for anyone looking for their own little happy place in the world, an exciting adventure of tranquility and joy on a beautiful desert island to be shaped in their own image. In short, it’s the perfect video game for this particular period, a sort of digital cure or an anti-stress game within everyone’s reach. It’s no coincidence then if Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently the most played and sold videogame in Italy and in most of the world. There are those who used it to spend some time with their girlfriend after months of distance, those who even got married, not to mention business meetings, singles launched by musical artists or the virtual exhibition organized by MET in New York. A few examples just to demonstrate the scope of a pop phenomenon in all respects that, after music and showbiz, also breaks into the world of high fashion. And this is how Maison Valentino and Marc Jacobs create the digital transpositions of their clothes and make them available to millions and millions of fans, starting a trend that has already involved the huge and very active community of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In addition to Maison Valentino, which has already made available some garments from the spring/summer 2020 collection, and Marc Jacobs, who instead presented six exclusive dresses for the occasion, the streetwear brand Highsnobiety also shared with all fans of Animal Crossing some designs from the “Inner Life” line and collaborations with Colette Mon Amour, L’As du Fallafel and Aries. To anticipate the trend the 100 Thieves: the organization dedicated to fashion and gaming of which Drake is part was the first to publish on Animal Crossing: New Horizons the most iconic items of their lines so that all their fans could customize their digital alter egos. From here on, thousands of users around the globe started creating all kinds of clothing freely inspired by their favorite brands: from Balenciaga to Celine, Chanel to Dior, Burberry to Fred Perry, Stone Island and many others.

Of course, the relapse into the increasingly dynamic world of social media is inevitable, so much so that on Instagram was born the Animal Crossing Fashion Archive profile: created by visual artist Kara Chung, it collects all the creations made by users and aims to involve as many fashion companies as possible so that all players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can feel even more comfortable and feel good with themselves, wearing their favorite clothes and showing off their personal style even within the video game.

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