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27 Apr - 2020

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Not only significant charitable actions, but also entertainment of all kinds for the whole family and important reconversions in the production processes to meet the need for medical devices

Assogiocattoli, the national association that represents – with about 200 members – companies operating in the toys and games, early childhood and Christmas and festive decorations sectors, is more active than ever in supporting all members in this particular historical moment and, proud of its work, makes known the initiatives undertaken to deal with the global health emergency. The long period of quarantine has in fact imposed the suspension or reduction of the commercial activities of operators and factories, stimulating the various companies – Italian and multinational – to engage in numerous campaigns that represent a choral response to a truly difficult situation for everyone. These are very varied initiatives, from the creation of online channels rich in content designed specifically for children and families in order to make the days spent at home less monotonous, to real help groups with experts, to donations of toys or other useful products and fundraising of all kinds, not to mention the reconversion of the production cycle aimed at the creation and distribution of various basic medical devices.

For Maurizio Cutrino, General Manager of Assogiocattoli, “in a difficult period like this, full of sacrifices, we strongly believe in solidarity, in unions (which are the strength) and in projects capable of entertaining or giving a smile. The Game, which we have always considered a primary good, an educational tool as well as pure fun, is proving to be a valid ally for families, to allow children and their parents to find some serenity and entertainment. Everything that can be done to lighten the emotional burden of these days is invaluable, we all need to find the energy and will to think about the ‘after’, knowing that it will be complicated but that once again, together, we will be able to react“.

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