20 Apr - 2020

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The Casagrande come from April 20 only on Nickelodeon, channel 605 of Sky

New friends are coming for Lincoln, the Casagrande!

A surname that’s all a program and that gives the name to the highly anticipated series that Monday, April 20, will debut on Nickelodeon, Sky 605, at 9:20 and at 17:00.

It’s the spin-off series of “A casa Dei Loud” with the characters of the Mexican Casagrande family, who were presented in the first episodes of the 4th season. The brand new series will focus on the family of Ronnie Anne, an 11-year-old Mexican girl who appeared for the first time in a special episode. Ronnie and her brother Bobby Santiago have moved to Great Lakes City and are adapting to their new life together with their large and chaotic multi-generational family, the Casagrande family. Throughout the series Ronnie will make new friends, strengthen the bond with his family and explore all the fun of city life. In the meantime, we’ll also follow Bobby as he helps Grandpa Hector run the family store and explore the neighborhood, meeting some very special new playmates…

Still number one on Nickelodeon as the most watched animated series for children between 6 and 11 years old, A casa dei Loud follows the misadventures of a young boy who is the only brother in a house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and only one bathroom. Life at the Loud’s house can be really crazy but a lot of fun, between scientific experiments gone wrong and nervous breakdowns that always settle down. There’s no problem too big (or too small a room) for Lincoln. Lincoln’s secret to surviving at home Loud? You always have to have a plan and with the help of his best friend Clyde, Lincoln can get through any situation and always be positive!

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