15 Apr - 2020

Bidaya Media announces that the the first original Arabic cartoon series achieves over 1 million subscribers on their YouTube Channel

Bidaya Media (Bidaya), the entity responsible for the animated comedy and action series “Mansour”, announced that the series’ official YouTube Channel surpassed 1 million subscribers with over 500 million cumulative views since the channel launched.

Commenting on this achievement, Maryam Eid Al Meheri, board chairwoman of Bidaya Media, said: “We always aim to produce added value media content. When it comes to future generations, the mission of producing content becomes that more difficult, and this proves we have succeeded in our mission. We shall continue working hard to produce innovative content in line with the values and principles we strive for and want to see in our children, and to take in our stride the rapid developments currently taking place in every aspect of our lives.”

Since the launch of the YouTube Channel, “Mansour” has expanded its reach across the global Arab audience base, with particularly strong viewership in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The cartoon series has also gained traction in communities across the wider Arab diaspora in North America and Europe.

Nabil El Jisr, the Chief Executive Officer of Bidaya Media, added: “I’m proud to say that Bidaya has grown significantly in a short time period. As part of our new content creation and growth strategy and as a result of entering into a strategic cooperation and management agreement with Creative Generation, we have now entered the animation world by bringing the famous animated comedy TV series “Mansour” under our umbrella. We have also continued to expand our internal capabilities and built on our previous production experience. I am glad to say that we are now in a position to deliver a different mix of creative original Arabic content from Abu Dhabi to Arab children worldwide as part of our development strategy.”

“Mansour” is the first original Arabic TV cartoon series to have reached significant scale, measured by viewership and subscriber base. The comedy TV series targets children between the ages of 6-9, focusing on key values such as the importance of family, the appreciation of cultural diversity, creative thinking, innovation and the positive use of technology to help the world.

The series was originally created by Rashed Alharmoodi, the award winning Executive Producer of the cartoon, and was seed funded by Mubadala Investment Company. It was produced in partnership with twofour54 and Cartoon Network Studios Arabia.

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