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7 Apr - 2020

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Topo Gigio arrives exclusively in a brand new animated series. A great Easter gift for all Italian families

To cheer up this homely Easter, a surprise for children and families comes on RaiPlay: Topo Gigio!

The first 13 episodes of the brand new animated series by Rai Ragazzi, which we’ll see next autumn on Rai Yoyo, are already ready and from April 8th they can be seen by everyone on RaiPlay and on the app dedicated to kids RaiPlay Yoyo exclusively.

The animated series on Topo Gigio, produced all over Italy by Topo Gigio Srl and Movimenti Production in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, is the last project on which Maria Perego worked, who participated in the conception and writing of the episodes.

The series consists of 52 episodes that will air on Rai Yoyo next autumn. Each episode is a story in itself and therefore the audience will fully appreciate this Easter preview.

Blonde hair, protruding teeth, big round ears and an unmistakable little voice with which he pronounces his favorite phrase: “but what about you?”. This is the identikit of Topo Gigio, the puppet invented by Maria Perego who has been living in the collective imagination of Italians for 60 years but not only.

This brand new series, realized in 2D animation between Milan and Florence, tells the daily adventures of the first little mouse living in the world of humans: Topo Gigio! For him everything is new and interesting, even a boring research on magnets or a simple game in the yard with his friends Zoe, Bike Bob and the GTeam. Because Topo Gigio may look like a quiet little mouse but behind that sweet air hides a dynamic mouse full of ideas.

But Gigio is always Gigio: tender, nice and cuddly. “Topo Gigio is neither a puppet nor a puppet, but a neologism created by my work…he has the innocence, the amazement, the sense of inadequacy of children. That’s why everyone falls in love with him,” said Maria Perego, the brilliant author of the character who died last November at the age of 95, who supervised the animated series right up to the end.

The debut of Topo Gigio coincides with that of Italian black and white TV, which still makes him a character beloved by those who were children at the time, with a success that continues to this day even outside the Italian borders.

But this new series of Topo Gigio is not an amarcord operation. It is celebrating Italian excellence with new talents of national animation to offer today’s audience a character still very current. A great Easter gift for all Italian families to smile together with the famous little mouse who, like all of us, particularly in this period, is eager to be tender.

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